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CUBRID is FREE & POWERFUL Database with ENTERPRISE level features

If you answer yes, then CUBRID could be your database solution!

open source
is the choice
of the modern

CUBRID is free to use. It is an open source database management system distributed under the terms of General Public License (GNU). For businesses, CUBRID could enable to significantly lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). 85% of all companies consider this to be the most important when choosing a software solutions. Rather than spending money on other database management solutions, focus on the service you can improve with CUBRID.

clean architecture
with rich functionality
for competitive

Have you been looking for performance with no limitations?
CUBRID is faster than other popular alternatives. It is designed and optimized for high-traffic Web sites. With CUBRID you no longer need to worry about the rapidly growing size of your data. Its unique multi-process architecture and multi-threaded server implementation allow CUBRID to scale very well as data increases and the number of users grows. No more limits for the number of databases, tables or rows.

Enjoy CUBRID's competitive performance with Solid State Disk (SSD), the latest breakthrough in the data storage market. Take advantage of CUBRID's optimizations such as Click Counter, fast concurrent insertions, query plan caching and query results caching to serve your high-traffic sites with minimal server resource usage.

unique features
for stability
and reliability

CUBRID provides enterprise level features such as High-Availability (HA), Database Sharding, Hot/Online Backup as well as Offline and Incremental Backups. Each can be scheduled and adjusted based on your needs.

You will have a database solution which supports distributed transaction, various replication methods such as online, synchronous/asynchronous, one-way, transaction-level, schema independent, chained or grouped replications. With High Availability (HA) feature, enjoy uninterruptible, 24/7 database server uptime. Database Sharding will make it seamless to distribute your data to multiple servers. And all in one CUBRID Database!

Want to learn more? Check out CUBRID's Key Features.

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