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posted 6 years ago
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What's New in Upcoming CUBRID Manager 8.4.0

CUBRID 8.4.0 is coming out very soon, so is the CUBRID Manager. In this article I would like to explain briefly how we gathered the user requests for the CM 8.4.0 and which of them have been implemented.

After CUBRID 8.3.1 has been released on December 31, 2010, we had started to plan which features we would need to implement for the next release of the CUBRID Manager database administration tool. We wanted to start with those first which are related to usability, since we want to provide the convenience and ease-of-use to our users. For this reason we have chosen 20 developers and 5 DBAs and surveyed them independently throughout January to determine which features would they like to see implemented in the next release of the CUBRID Manager.

Based on the survey results, most of the users wanted to be able to:

  • Disable the confirmation dialog box upon the CM exit.
  • Customize if they want to be prompted to save the Query Editor contents on exit.
  • Automatically transfer keywords and functions in the Query Editor to upper or lowercases.
  • Maximize/minimize the Query Editor, Results and Log panels.
  • Customize the Query Editor layout to align horizontally or parallel to other panels.
  • Ctrl+F5 shortcut to execute and select the SQL statement under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+C to copy the column/index/table/view names on the panels.
  • Have a context menu for the schema information panel which would provide all of the table operations.

We are happy to announce that all these usability related changes have been implemented and will be available in the next release which will come out at the beginning of next month.

Besides, we have received over 50 other new feature and bug fix requests. We have managed to implement most of them, while some are shifted to the next release. Below you can see the whole list of features implemented in the CUBRID Manager 8.4.0.

New Features

  • nLucene plug-in: now users can configure their nLucene instances right in the CUBRID Manager.
  • Error tracing: added a broker function to trace down the SYNTAX ERROR type errors.
  • User messages encryption: added function to encrypt and decrypt messages sent and received by users.
  • Property editor: allows users to edit, import or export the configuration files (cubrid.conf, cm.conf, cubrid_broker.conf, ha.conf) right in the CM.
  • CUBRID HA parameter editor: now users can configure the HA parameters directly in CM using built-in Property Editor or Host Properties window.
  • Host and dashboard navigator menus to allow hosts list grouping.
  • Navigator search bar to search for host/db/table items in the Hosts tree.
  • SQL quick help context menu inside the Query Editor.
  • Table attributes: See a list columns and indexes right in the Hosts panel and the related functions in the context menu.

Enhanced Features

  • Improved SQL DDL/DML copy and paste functions: now users can select multiple table/views and perform the standard functions.
  • Improved drag and drop features to allow users to drag-n-drop the tables/columns/indexes to the Query Editor.
  • Improve the data import functions to enable multi-threaded imports, and additional settings to handle errors.
  • Improve the data export functions to export certain tables or even columns.
  • Improved the login process: user now can save their host login passwords to auto login.
  • Can sort database hosts by dragging.
  • Support index prefix length.
  • Support the new CUBRID 8.4.0 broker parameters and server parameters configurations.
  • Improve the HA dashboard function.
  • Support the new keywords/functions in the Query Editor for syntax highlighting and auto completion.
  • All JDBC drivers are now included when building the CUBRID Manager.
  • Related properties are now categorized in the Properties window.
  • Improve the query editor font setting functions.

Changed Features

  • When importing the data, the default number of threads is set to 5 and the default file type is CSV.
  • When editing/adding a table column, if the column data type is VARCHAR or NCHAR VARYING or BIT VARYING, the default size is 4096.
  • When the Query Editor is opened, the auto commit checkbox is unchecked by default. If checked back, it will display the caution icon.
  • When broker access_mode is SO, the JDBC URL can not contain the host IP address.
  • Adjust the table context menu by moving the dangerous actions to the next submenu level.
  • Fixed a bug that did not save the broker port which is set by the admin user.
  • Fixed a bug which did not display the Query Editor toolbar completely when the Query Editor panel was resized.
  • Now the primary key and other index are differentiated when adding or showing a table.
  • Fix a datetime bug which incorrectly displayed am/pm.
  • Fix a Query Editor result panel bug.
  • Fix a bug which did not highlight the keywords in the Query Editor in certain cases.

As you see the new CUBRID Manager will now be more convenient and easy-to-use than ever before.

However, if you see that some features you would wish to use in the CUBRID Manager is not available yet, please let us know if the comments below, or if you have a account, you can directly open a new ticket at We take into serious consideration every request of our users.

Alternatively, you can tweet to @cubrid or post on our Facebook page.

More details and screenshots for above changes will soon be available in the Release Notes upon the CM 4.0 release at

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