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posted 7 years ago
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Let's Open Joomla! to a Wider Audience

Finally! This is the great news we have been waiting for exactly one month, since we started the Joomla porting process in August, 2010. Today we are happy to announce the first alpha version for the latest stable release of the most popular content management system Joomla 1.5.20 which now uses CUBRID as the back-end database server.

What makes us more proud of our contributors is the fact that none of the database system providers has ever succeeded porting Joomla CMS. There were previous attempts starting in 2006 by MS SQL and in 2005 by PostgreSQL communities. But all failed due to the lack of the support from their community.

Until now have already ported other famous Web applications like WordPress, MediaWiki, and phpBB. Today Joomla is one of them! We did our best to make a smart porting. We haven't altered a single functionality of the Joomla package, but created the CUBRID intermediary classes which parse the original MySQL queries to CUBRID compatible queries. At this moment the developers focused on bringing the CUBRID support. The final stable release will allow users to deploy the same Joomla distribution with both CUBRID and MySQL Database systems with no difference except for the performance. As we mentioned in the previous blog, the final stable version is expected to have higher performance on CUBRID than on MySQL due to the Web optimizations of the CUBRID Database. Let's cross our fingers for this.

Another good news is that soon we will release the CUBRID Migration Toolkit which will help users to easily migrate their MySQL and Oracle databases to CUBRID. For those seeking the higher performance with Joomla, CMT will enable them to seamlessly move their data to CUBRID Database and enjoy the speed of the most popular content management system.

More information about Joomla 1.5.20 for CUBRID, including the Online Demo Site, download links, and installation instructions can be found on the following page:

Let's Open Joomla! to a Wider Audience!

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