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Scriptella for CUBRID - Video Tutorial

CUBRID Trainings Channel is broadcasting! Today we will talk about Scriptella, an open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution software tool written in Java. It can be used to export/import the data from the databases. Scriptella provides excellent support for data transformation, which is proven to be very useful when migrating the databases. In case of CUBRID, we use Scriptella to transfer the data between the databases.

In this video tutorial you will learn about what Scriptella is and what kind of support it provides for CUBRID. During the video we will also demonstrate the examples how to use Scriptella with CUBRID and tell you where you can download them. Through the demo you will learn how to create tables and insert records using Scriptella. Scriptella can SELECT data from the tables, transform them and save into file directly in CSV (Comma Separated Value) files. All is coded in well-defined XML format, which you will also see in this video tutorial.

Here is a link to an online tutorial about Scriptella for CUBRID. You may want to read it as well to make sure you know everything to get the most out of your CUBRID Experience.

If you have any questions regarding Scriptella, please post them on our CUBRID Forum.

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