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posted 4 years ago
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Tell about your open source project on CUBRID Blog. We'll pay for Facebook Ads.


At CUBRID we know how much important and difficult at the same time it is to find the right audience who would listen to what your open source project has to offer. Due to its nature, most OS projects, especially those driven by a community of likeminded enthusiasts, often do not possess the budget to reach out to target users. If you are a member of such community and would like to tell the world about it, read on. We have good news for you!

Last year we announced the CUBRID Affiliates Program through which we have already donated 3000 USD to 14 open source projects. Some of these projects provide very useful features to CUBRID Database users. This time we want to periodically introduce to our CUBRID community members one or two handpicked open source projects that we think are also potential and worth talking about. Starting from today we will accept guest posts to our CUBRID Blog from open source communities where they can introduce their software to our readers. We will handle the promotion.

Step 1: Pitch it!

We are looking for great software that will make our and our readers' eyes sparkle. Before your post gets published, we would like to read an overview of your project. Send us a brief email introducing your project: site links, introductory videos, presentations if available, what it does, what benefits it can provide to our readers. We will get back to you in no time.

Step 2: Write it!

If we accept your pitch, we will ask you to write a full post that should cover your software. You can include images and even video. In your introduction you need to tell the readers what problem your software solves, where and how a reader can take off, and, very importantly, how it differs from other existing solutions (I am sure there is at least one product you can compare with). Together with your article, send us your bio and Gravatar enabled email address.

Step 3: Get published!

We will create an account for you on our CUBRID community site and associate your email address it with. Then we will publish your post under your name so that you can receive notifications for comments as the post author. Once published, we will share your story on CUBRID Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages as well as other networking sites like the popular DZone. On top of that we will place a 223x170 pixel banner on the top right of CUBRID Blog site, if you provide one, as well as pay at least $5 (about 11K impressions) to promote your post on Facebook timeline.

Like it? Then go on and contact us!

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