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posted 5 years ago
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Meet CUBRID Database Developers at Russian Internet Technologies 2012 Conference

Russian Internet Technologies 2012 ConferenceUpdate: The session time is online now! We will be the first on the first day! I am very excited and looking forward to meeting and making friends with many Russian developers.

It's confirmed! We are going to Russian Internet Technologies Conference which will take place between April 2 ~ 3, 2012, at Digital October Conference Center in Moscow, Russia.

Last week CUBRID team received the official invitation letter from RIT++ conference organizers to present CUBRID to the developers community of Russia and neighboring countries.

A little about the conference.

Russian Internet Technologies is a professional conference for web developers. Every year since 2007 more than 600 internet specialists from Russia, Ukraine and neighboring countries come to this amazing event. This unique conference encompasses all subjects related to web development from project management up to usability, from fault tolerant databases up to rich media at web browsers — this is only one conference, where you can find best talks from more specialized conferences, like HighLoad++ and WhaleRider.

This year at the conference there will be four simultaneous tracks covering topics such as:

  • System Administration
  • Databases
  • Project Management
  • Quality
  • Front-end Development
  • Server side Development

We will present in the Databases track. The topic of our talk will be: Growing in the Wild. The story by CUBRID Database Developers (SlideShare). The conference organizers told us that developers in the Russian community have quite positive feedback about CUBRID Database. And this is why they would like to know more about CUBRID. The organizers requested us to explain to the audience:

  • WHY do we develop CUBRID?
  • WHY not use existing solutions?
  • WHY start from scratch?
  • WHY not fork existing solutions?
  • WHY not co-develop?

Thus, at the conference we will explain:

  1. The reasons behind CUBRID development.
  2. What CUBRID has to offer. Its benefits and advantages.
  3. What we have learnt so far and where we are heading to.

I am sure the presentation will be very and very interesting for all developers. If you have a chance to attend the conference, visit our session. If not but still want to watch the presentation, RIT++ should provide live broadcasting of the talks. You can visit their site for more information.

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