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posted 6 years ago
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How CUBRID HA Saved Multi-Million-User Service

This is really astonishing! Just now heard the news from one of the CUBRID clients, in fact the largest client - NHN. Yesterday CUBRID HA saved one of their services which is a part of NAVER, the #1 portal of Korea with 34 million subscribers and 17 million daily unique visitors. CUBRID master server had a hardware problem which could have resulted in complete halt of the entire service.

Fortunately, the CUBRID HA immediately failed-over, executing the role-change from the master to the slave DB server automatically. CUBRID failed-over so quickly and within the timeout period set in the alarming system that the service team and the CUBRID DBAs could not even notice this hardware failure until they looked at the logs.

So, good job CUBRID HA, now the synonym for the continuous availability!

For more information about the CUBRID HA feature, read the Overview of New High-Availability Features in CUBRID 3.2.

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