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posted 5 years ago
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Database Sharding the Right Way: Easy, Reliable, and Open source - HighLoad++ 2012


Last week me and my colleague have attended Russian HighLoad++ 2012 Developers Conference in Moscow. The event is organized annually by Ontico, the Russian company which is also responsible for two other conferences like RIT++ (Russian Internet Technologies) and Whale Rider.

Earlier this year in April 2012 we also attended RIT++ Conference where we introduced CUBRID ("Growing in the Wild. The story by CUBRID Database Developers.") to the Russian Developers Community. At the time the feedback from the audience was incredible. After the presentation we have been receiving lots of questions for two consecutive days. You can watch the video recording from RIT++ Conference online at (registration is required) or view the slides at SlideShare. I promise you will learn lots of new facts about CUBRID!

This year HighLoad++ was as awesome as RIT++ and even better. This time there were exactly 899 attendees at the opening day. This time we presented "Database Sharding the Right Way: Easy, Reliable, and Open source" where I explained about native Database Sharding feature in CUBRID 9.0 that we have released three weeks ago. While the video recordings are still on the way, you can view the slides below.

During our presentation over 100 people were listening to my talk. At the end we have received many great questions from the audience. When our session was over, many developers have followed us outside of the conference hall where we have continued the talk about CUBRID SHARD.


It was very exciting to talk with these Russian developers and together try to solve the practical database sharding issues they had with their current third-party sharding solutions.


Some of the questions were very interesting and at the same time challenging to answer that I decided to highlight and answer them in separate blog posts. So do not forget to check again our blog.

When the conference was over, we gathered together with the remaining speakers and had our photo taken. There were fellows from MariaDB, MySQL, Pythian, Tokutek, Etsy, and VMware (this is just a very small group of remaining speakers; full list can be found at highload++ site).


From left: Colin Charles (Monty Program Ab, MariaDB), Alvaro Videla (VMware), Danil Zburivsky (Pythian), Gerardo Narvaja (Tokutek), Lars Thalmann (Oracle, MySQL), Chris Bohn (Etsy), Esen Sagynov (NHN, CUBRID), Sergei Golubchik (Monty Program Ab, MariaDB).

So, the conference went very well! I would like to thank again the conference organizers for inviting us to share our [NHN] experience of managing Big Data.

Take your time to view the presentation slides, familiarize yourself with native Sharding feature in CUBRID, and if you end up having questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. I will be very glad to answer all of them thoroughly. To try CUBRID, download it from

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