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posted 5 years ago
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CUBRID Has Joined Google+

Using Google+? Add CUBRID to your circles. You will get the latest news about CUBRID, the most optimized database for Web applications, as well as great tutorials our top engineers write for fellow developers like those we have already posted on Java, Android, Git, and NoSQL.


We have already created CUBRID Facebook page as well as @CUBRID Twitter account to communicate with our users by answering to their questions and posting very detailed tutorials, announcing new CUBRID releases as well as praising our distinguished users.

We hope you will add CUBRID to your Google+ Circles because we would love to connect with you there. You can talk directly to CUBRID core developers, learn about the latest improvements in CUBRID Database, and stay up to date with the important news from our open source database community.

Join us at Google+!

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