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posted 7 years ago
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Bucharest Conference Outcome

Last Thursday on May 27th, 2010, CUBRID for the first time was introduced to Romania developers at Agora Technology Conference on Open Source Software. There were about 40 conference attendees, and 6 corporate company representatives who presented their open source solutions.

The Open Source / Free Software Conference is a part of a series of conferences on technology that aim to present solutions for public administration, financial institutions, telecom, utilities, and other large companies. The conference was held at Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest, and also was broadcast live on the internet.


CUBRID was the first product to be presented at the conference. It was a 20 minutes presentation followed by a 10 minutes Q&A session held by Catalin Ciobanu and Maximilian Machedon, CUBRID representatives.

Main topics discussed at the conference were:

-          What is CUBRID?

-          Why use CUBRID?

-          CUBRID structure and internal architecture

-          CUBIRD Manager – a GUI administration tool

-          Famous Web Applications which use CUBRID

Most participants heard about CUBRID for the first time and were very excited. They showed their extreme curiosity to learn about CUBRID, provided the positive feedbacks and asked several questions on CUBRID Architecture, the security, and, most importantly, the data migration tools from MySQL and SQL Server to CUBRID.


During the conference CUBRID contacted with people from companies like Ista, an energy data management company, eSolutions, an open source solutions integrator, and Microsoft Romania and other companies. Some of them showed their interest on deploying CUBRID as an alternative database in the future. We highly appreciated the initiation of such proposals. We promised to keep in touch with them to provide all the necessary technical and service support.

Overall, even though the Open Source / Free Software Conference is a small event, we believe this is the first step in the big journey to Europe. There will be more conference out there where CUBRID will definitely present the new ideas it is implementing for its highly optimized for the Web database management system. Our goal is to let everyone know about CUBRID. We will explain them its advantages, its superb performance, show them how to install it, use it. We will also provide them with applications and tools they can use to migrate the data from their existing database system to CUBRID. We are sure the users will like it!

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