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posted 7 years ago
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Is CUBRID derived from MySQL?

As Open Source business model is getting more and more popular, highly energized by global economic crisis, many leading companies start investing in Open Source Projects. Some of them build their own systems, some provide financial support. However, the enterprise sector is carefully looking at each free solution, since many projects are just modified versions of other bigger and more popular software.

In late 2008 CUBRID Co., Ltd., a Korean company dedicated to accelerating the growth of open source database management systems, announced to the public that its CUBRID DBMS will go open. Since then many global users and developers are getting more anxious about switching to a new Database solution. But they would like to know whether CUBRID is just another modification of a popular MySQL. This is a common question we were constantly asked at 2010 MySQL Conference & Expo held in Santa Clara, CA. The answer is NO.

CUBRID is a totally independent database system with its own powerful database storage engine written from the scratch. It is not derived from MySQL or any other open source systems. CUBRID has over a 6 years of development history. The number of code lines in the project exceed 1,000,000. CUBRID is a fully-functional and fully-featured Database Management System just like MySQL, but faster. More details on it are at our blog CUBRID vs. MySQL.

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