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posted 5 years ago
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Tadpole - Web based SQL Client capable of generating ER Diagrams


Tadpole is a very easy to use SQL Client which allows users to connect and query various relational and non-relational databases right in a Web browser. No installation is required. Simply download Tadpole for Windows/Linux/Mac from its Github project, extract and launch it. Done! No special Web server or configuration is required.

Tadpole SQL Client is developed in Java on top of Eclipse RAP which allows it to run as a standalone server. Tadpole has a number of key features such as:

  • Intuitive Web interface.
  • Standalone program available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. No installation required. Simply extract and start Tadpole.
  • Can run under Tomcat as well.
  • Provides built-in User Management (Admin, Manager, User) - under development.
  • Supports CUBRID, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MSSQL, and MongoDB databases (Cassandra support is coming).
    • Execute any valid SQL query.
    • Export SQL result set to CSV.
    • View Query History.
    • Generate table specific SQL statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP...).
    • View and Create Tables, Views, Indexes, Procedures, Functions, and Triggers.
    • SQL Syntax Highlighting.
    • Format SQL (beautify).
    • Convert SQL to Java and PHP code.
    • Generate Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD). This is, perhaps, one of its strongest features.

We have created a detailed walk-through tutorial with many screenshots. Check it out to get acquainted with Tadpole and its nice features.

As usual with every CUBRID Affiliate project, we have reached out to Tadpole developer, Hyun Jong Cho, to learn about his experience with CUBRID Database. Here is what Hyun Jong told us:

I am very glad to join CUBRID Affiliate program. Some time ago at Facebook open Tech forum, where I was presenting Tadpole, one of the users from the audience had requested to add support for CUBRID Database. It took about 3 days to add CUBRID support to Tadpole. Obviously at the beginning I had some issues and questions, but thanks to easy to understand CUBRID manual and fast responses from their team, we now support CUBRID DB. I hope CUBRID will be very popular and widely used.

On behalf of CUBRID team I would like to thank Hyun Jong for his big contribution to CUBRID community. I am sure our users will benefit much from Tadpole SQL Client.

Information for our readers!

If you develop an open source application and would like to become a CUBRID Partner by supporting CUBRID Database in your project, contact us by email In your letter please provide an overview of your software, project links, and your statement on behalf of your project. We will be very glad to have you onboard!

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