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posted 5 years ago
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SIDU - incredibly Simple & Intuitive Web based SQL Client


What do Web developers need from an SQL Client? An easy, uncluttered Web interface to execute and obtain the results for the most basic SQL queries: SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE (SIDU). This is exactly what SIDU does and stands for! Even better - SIDU does not require any installation or configuration. Just extract the files into a directory accessible by your Web server, then open your browser. Done!

Written in PHP, SIDU is really the simplest and most intuitive Web based SQL Client I have ever used. The great news is that the latest version of SIDU 3.5 now officially supports CUBRID Database. At CUBRID, we are very excited about this because when we have tried the beta version of SIDU 3.5 we have fallen in love with it! If you try it, you will understand how simplicity and attention to small details make so much impression on a user.

Here is what SIDU has to offer:

  • CRUD operations with CUBRID, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases.
  • No need to install or configure. Just extract and open the browser.
  • Minimalistic app (210KB). Provides only what it is designed for: SIDU (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE).
  • Simultaneously connect to multiple databases.
  • Database and table navigation panel.
  • Multiple query execution. Displays query results for all statements.
  • Keeps SQL execution history.
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts.
  • Built-in filter in the query results panel. No need to change the main query.
  • Hide unnecessary columns in the query results panel.

So, if you need an instant access to your database from Web to quickly execute SQL, SIDU is the app you are looking for! We have created a short tutorial with screenshots to illustrate SIDU in action. Check it and see how easy it is to execute SQL in your browser with SIDU.

Information for our readers!

If you develop an open source application and would like to become a CUBRID Partner by supporting CUBRID Database in your project, contact us by email In your letter please provide an overview of your software, project links, and your statement on behalf of your project. We will be very glad to have you onboard!

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