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posted 5 years ago
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Node.js driver for CUBRID Database is now available!


According to many requests from the community, we are very happy to announce the M1 version of CUBRID Database driver for Node.js! Last month we have blogged about our plan for Node driver development. Refer to that post for more information about how we have decided to develop the driver. To remind, we have planned to release two versions of the driver:

  1. native JavaScript driver which implements the CUBRID Protocol
  2. node-db compatible driver, which is planned to be released after the stable version of the main Node driver is released around October, 2012.

The following is the schedule we have announced for each release.

  • Milestone 1: Basic driver interfaces: connect, queries support + result set - 3rd week of August. Released on August 18, 2012!
  • Milestone 2: Technology preview: 80% functionality ready - 2nd week of September. In progress.
  • Milestone 3: Beta release: > 95% functionality ready - 1st week of October.
  • Milestone 4: Stable release: 100% functionality ready- end of October.
  • Milestone 5: NPM Package and tutorials - beginning of November.

The driver is now available on It is fully asynchronous. Along with the code we have released numerous test cases as well as demo scripts. Feel free to download the source and run the test or demo scripts.

Note that the NPM package will be released once we complete the beta version in October. Therefore, for now download the source code (tar.gz or zip) and refer to the demo examples to learn how to get started.

Don't forget to github_watch_button.png the project to receive notification when new versions will be available!

If you have questions, feel free to ask in our Q&A site, forum, twitter or Facebook page.

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