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posted 5 years ago
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New CUBRID Tools are now available!

We are glad to announce two new releases today. A new version of CUBRID Manager, the most powerful database administration tool developed with DBAs in mind, and a new version of CUBRID Query Browser, a fast and lightweight version of CM for developer, are now available for download.


Since version, both CUBRID Manager and CUBRID Query Browser can be upgraded automatically through Help -> Check for Updates menu. If you have automatic updates checked, CM and CQB will notify you about new available updates when they are launched.

Users with older version need to manually download newer versions from CUBRID Downloads page and install them.


Both tools support CUBRID Server 8.2.2 and higher.


CM and CQB require JRE 1.6 or higher.

Major improvements


Here are a few of the changes which made through this release. 

  • Now CM allows to execute SQL on multiple databases at once.
  • Improved Export/Import UI. Supports SQL, CSV, XLS, TXT, and CUBRID loaddb file formats.
  • Improved the code quality with Klocwork.
  • Improved alerting when CM/CQB suggests to restore previous Query Editor tabs.
  • Improved logging when SQL fails to execute.

The full list can be found at CUBRID Manager Release Note.

If you have questions, feel free to ask on our Q&A site, forum, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages. We will glad to answer you!

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