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posted 5 years ago
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New CUBRID PHP: 13 more APIs for LOB data management


Today we have great news for our dearest PHP users! We have updated our CUBRID PHP Driver which introduces 13 new APIs to work with LOB data.

Some time in May this year several PHP users requested new functionality in our PHP API to allow importing LOB data from a file, read LOB data from a database with a single SELECT request, read LOB data into PHP variable, etc. Now all these have been implemented in CUBRID PHP API version You can install it using:

We have already updated CUBRID PHP Manual at, and it should take some time until they rebuild the docs. The new APIs include:

  1. cubrid_lob2_new Create a lob object.
  2. cubrid_lob2_bind Bind a lob object or a string as a lob object to a prepared statement as parameters.
  3. cubrid_lob2_export Export the lob object to a file.
  4. cubrid_lob2_import Import BLOB/CLOB data from a file.
  5. cubrid_lob2_read Read from BLOB/CLOB data.
  6. cubrid_lob2_write Write to a lob object.
  7. cubrid_lob2_tell Tell the cursor position of the LOB object.
  8. cubrid_lob2_tell64 Tell the cursor position of the LOB object.
  9. cubrid_lob2_seek Move the cursor of a lob object.
  10. cubrid_lob2_seek64 Move the cursor of a lob object.
  11. cubrid_lob2_size Get a lob object's size.
  12. cubrid_lob2_size64 Get a lob object's size.
  13. cubrid_lob2_close Close LOB object.

While is rebuilding their documentation (it's done and accessible online), you can refer to CUBRID PHP APIs to work with LOB object for examples and detailed explanation of each of the above APIs. See also CUBRID PHP API Wiki for more info.

As always, if you find bugs or would like to request a feature, register an issue in our JIRA Issue Tracker for PHP. Or if you have questions, stop by our Q&A site or post to our CUBRID Forum. We will be glad to help you!

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