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posted 5 years ago
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CUBRID Node.js Driver 1.0 Stable is now available at NPM


I am very happy to announce that Node.js driver for CUBRID Database (Github) goes stable today. As Milestone 4 is now complete, the node-cubrid module can be installed directly from NPM.

npm install node-cubrid

Or install it globally to access it from all your applications:

npm install -g node-cubrid

1.0 stable release highlights

node-cubrid provides a 100% JavaScript Node.js module which can be used to connect to and query CUBRID databases. This stable release features:

  • Rich database support: Connect, Query, Fetch, Execute, Commit, Rollback, DB Schema, etc.
  • Out of the box driver events model
  • 10,000+ LOC, including the driver test code and demos
  • 50+ test cases
  • HTML documentation
  • User demos: E2E scenarios, web sites
  • User tutorial ...and many more!

The driver code release contains many test cases and demos which will show you how to use the driver. To view the examples and source code visit Github project page at Thus, the M4 is now completed.

  • Milestone 1: Basic driver interfaces: connect, queries support + result set - 3rd week of AugustReleased on August 18, 2012!
  • Milestone 2: Technology preview: 80% functionality ready - 2nd week of SeptemberReleased on September 17, 2012!
  • Milestone 3: Beta release: > 95% functionality ready - 1st week of October. Released on October 4, 2012!
  • Milestone 4: Stable release: 100% functionality ready + NPM package - end of October. Released on October 29, 2012!

What's next

  • Additional database functionality (enhanced LOB support, more db schemas etc.)
  • New functionalities: integrated connection pool, queries queue, better caching etc.
  • Code improvements, optimizations
  • More examples

Demo video

In previous M2 announcement we have posted a demo video which demonstrates the functionality of CUBRID Node.js driver. To see the video, visit CUBRID Node.js driver - M2 is completed!

If you have questions, ask at our CUBRID Q&A site. We will be glad to answer you!

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