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posted 5 years ago
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CUBRID Node.js driver 1.0 (beta) has been released!


We are very excited to announce that we have completed the 3rd Milestone of CUBRID Node.js driver project, meaning the driver has reached its beta stage!

As usual, the M3 code has been pushed to Github at Please go ahead and download the driver. You will also find the installation instructions in the project README file.

Some 1.0 Beta release highlights:

  • Connect, Query, Fetch, Execute, Commit, Rollback, DB Schema, etc. - all have been implemented!
  • Events model
  • 9,000+ LOC, including the test code
  • 50+ test cases
  • nodeunit support
  • Documentation is now available.
  • E2E scenarios
  • 5 demos websites
  • ... and many more additions and improvements!

Thus, the third milestone is now completed. Next time we will release the stable version of the driver.

  • Milestone 1: Basic driver interfaces: connect, queries support + result set - 3rd week of AugustReleased on August 18, 2012!
  • Milestone 2: Technology preview: 80% functionality ready - 2nd week of SeptemberReleased on September 17, 2012!
  • Milestone 3: Beta release: > 95% functionality ready - 1st week of October. Released on October 4, 2012!
  • Milestone 4: Stable release: 100% functionality ready- end of October. In progress.
  • Milestone 5: NPM Package and tutorials - beginning of November.

What's coming next in the 1.0 Stable release? (October 2012)

  • An NPM installer
  • Additional functionality
  • Code improvements, optimizations and refactoring
  • More testing
  • Additional tutorials

Demo video

In previous M2 announcement we have posted a demo video which demonstrates the functionality of CUBRID Node.js driver. To see the video, visit CUBRID Node.js driver - M2 is completed!

If you have questions, ask at our CUBRID Q&A site. We will be glad to answer you!

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