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posted 5 years ago
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CUBRID ADO.NET Driver Stable 1.0 version has been released


Last month we announced the first beta version of official ADO.NET driver for CUBRID. Today, we are happy to announce the stable 1.0 version release of the driver.

  • The ADO.NET driver, developed by CUBRID community contributors, has now over 70 test scenarios.
  • The driver is released with 100% fully-managed code under the terms of BSD license.
  • All main classes of ADO.NET model have been implemented.
  • Extended classes implementation (SchemaProvider, CommandBuilder, etc.).
  • It implements the (socket) communication protocol of the latest version of CUBRID 8.4.0.
  • Supports BLOB/CLOB data types and CUBRID Collections.
  • Localization support is built in. For now, only English messages are released. Feel free to contribute the translation of your own language.
  • Various source code, demos, examples (UI, VB.NET, NHibernate) are available on the project Wiki page.


You can download CUBRID ADO.NET driver from

There are 3 ways you can install the driver.

  1. The easiest way is to use the auto-installer (available on the downloads page).
  2. Download the compiled library.
  3. Install from the source code.

For detailed instructions of each installation method refer to CUBRID ADO.NET Driver Installation Guide and ADO.NET Tutorials.

The complete driver documentation is available at

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