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CUBRID Release Policy(ko)

Every CUBRID release has the following format:

CUBRID 2008 R4.0

It is considered as a full version, while CUBRID 4.0 is often used as a shorthand for it. Below you can see a breakdown of each constituent.

  • Major version: 2008. Significant changes to the architecture of the CUBRID Server will result in the increment of the major version number.
  • Minor version: R4.0, which is equivalent to 4.0. The minor version number is incremented every time a new major extension is added to the system.
  • Maintenance version: R4.0. The maintenance version number will elevate by one when a new version is released with bug fixes or new features.

Additionally, every CUBRID release will be wrapped in a package. Drivers and administration tools are installed separately. You can find other auxiliary applications at the CUBRID Projects page.

When a new version of CUBRID is released, it is recommended to upgrade the Server. However, drivers are not necessary to upgrade, though still recommended.

When packages are released, you can find Linux and Windows compatible installation files. If other operating systems are supported, it will be separately announced on the CUBRID Blog.

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