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Release Documents

Every release includes a new manual, release note, and QA completion report in addition to binary files.

In a release note, you can find new features, improvements, fixed bugs, known issues, upgrade scenarios, and caution notes.

In a QA report, you can find the result of functionality, performance, and stability tests.

Release Notes - CUBRID Engine

To view the release note of the latest CUBRID release, access the following links:

CUBRID 8.4.1

CUBRID2008R4.1_Release_Note_en.pdf 0.7M

CUBRID 8.4.0

CUBRID2008R4.0_Release_Note_en.pdf 0.6M

CUBRID 8.3.1

CUBRID2008R3.1_Release_Note_en.pdf 0.9M

CUBRID 8.3.0

CUBRID2008R3.0_Release_Note_en.pdf 0.6M

CUBRID 8.2.2

CUBRID2008R2.2_Release_Note_en.pdf 0.9M

The release notes in Korean can be found at CUBRID Wiki.

Release Notes - CUBRID Tools

CUBRID Tools are released every month while CUBRID Engine is 2~3 times a  year. 

To view the relase note of the latest CUBRID Tools release, acess the follwoing links. You can also find corresponding JIRA issues too.

CUBRID Manager

CM Release Notes

CUBRID Query Browser

CQB Release Notes

CUBRID Migration Toolkit

CMT Release Notes


CWQ Release Notes

QA Completion Reports - CUBRID Engine

To view the QA report of the latest CUBRID release, access the following links:

CUBRID 8.4.1

CUBRID2008R4.1_QA_Completion_Report_en.pdf 0.7M

CUBRID 8.4.0

CUBRID2008R4.0_QA_Completion_Report_en.pdf 1.0M

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