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CUBRID Quizzes

For those of you who are passionate about the CUBRID database we have created two sets of quiz questions with different levels of difficulty: one for CUBRID beginners, the other for more experienced CUBRID database administrators. When users complete their quiz, they can immediately see the results of their test. If they need to improve their score, they are free to retake the quiz over and over again.

Learning CUBRID is really fun and useful at the same time! So test yourself! See how well you know CUBRID and the basics of the database management system.

These quizzes are anonymous, so your name will not be prompted. Feel free to check and improve your knowledge about CUBRID.

Beginner Level


# of questions: 20

Description: The beginner level quiz consists of 20 questions. They are intended to check if users know the basics of the CUBRID database such as what operating system is supported, what software is required to be pre-installed prior to the CUBRID installation, what data types exist in CUBRID, what the result is after a given simple SQL query is executed, basic requirements for tables and views, etc.

After this beginners test, users will learn the important details they have to pay attention to when starting to work with CUBRID.

Intermediate Level


# of questions: 20

Description: The intermediate level quiz consists of 20 questions. They are intended to check how well users know the inner structure and the workflow of the CUBRID database, its SQL syntax, the output of more sophisticated SQL queries, the CUBRID utilities, etc. This quiz is more complex than the beginner level. But the real database administrators will love to challenge themselves with these tricky questions. See if you are one of them!

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