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CUBRID Quizland

This CUBRID Quizland competition is over now! Thanks to all of you who were so passionate and have participated in this event.

Mar 01, 2011 - Mar 31, 2011

Question 1 - Mar 01, 2011

What is the name of the sample database which is installed together with CUBRID by default?

Question 2 - Mar 03, 2011

Here is the 2nd question for you.
We are looking forward to seeing CUBRID 2008 R4.0 with higher performance, easy HA configuration and a lot of extended SQLs in the first half of this 2011 year. However, at this moment the latest and stable version is ______. Please enter the full name.

Question 3 - Mar 07, 2011

This is a challenging question, but we will give you a hint.

Considering the “demodb” database that comes by default with the CUBRID installation:

Create a complete SQL query to find the name of the stadium where the most gold medals were ever won.

Hint: SELECT FROM stadium s, game g
WHERE s.code = g.stadium_code AND ______
GROUP BY g.stadium_code ORDER BY count(medal) DESC LIMIT 1;

Question 4 - Mar 09, 2011

What is the exact output of the following SQL:

SELECT CONCAT(CONCAT_WS('', REPLACE(REPLACE('MySQL is not fun', 'MySQL', 'CUBRID'), 'not', 'really'), '!') || CHR(32) || CONCAT_WS('-', CHR(72) || LOWER(CHR(65)), UPPER(CHR(104)) || CHR(97)), TRANSLATE(LTRIM('@#' || CHR(72) || LOWER(CHR(65)), '@'), '#', '-'));

Question 5 - Mar 14, 2011

Using the chars '1', '4', '5' and '6', obtain the number 29, following these rules:

• You must use only one SELECT statement
• Each number must be used exactly once
• Concatenation of the strings is not allowed
• You can use any CUBRID function

Question 6 - Mar 17, 2011

Considering the “demodb” database that comes with the default installation of CUBRID:

Create a SQL query that will return the sum of the total number of records in the "event" and "athlete" tables.

Question 7 - Mar 22, 2011

How to start a CUBRID database in the command line? Assuming the database's name is demodb, write the exact command to start it.

Question 8 - Mar 25, 2011

As of CUBRID 3.1, what is a valid minimum value for the DATETIME data type?
(Input the answer in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.mmm)

Question 9 - Mar 28, 2011

Assume there is a table:


And it has two records:


Create a SQL query to obtain the ‘CUBRID IS BETTER’ result.

Question 10 - Mar 29, 2011

Create a SQL query which will return all non-primary-key index names defined for all the "demodb" tables.
The output should contain the index names comma separated and sorted ASC.

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