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Where can I find a list of DB Optimisations that are there in CUBRID


I am working to create a custom version of CUBRID Database.

As part of this, I would like to work on and improve CUBRID by applying DB optimisation logic and code to CUBRID's code. I am well versed in most such (commonly used) optimisations that are part of MySQL. I am referring to not only SQL code optimisation - I am also referring to algorithms/strategies used by CUBRID DB server itself to improve performance/reduce CPU/RAM usage etc.

What I wish to know is this - where can I find such a detailed list of optimisations that are already there in CUBRID--> so that then I can check off one by one those optimisations that I wish to apply (on CUBRID) and finally be left with only those optimisations that are not already there in CUBRID?

This would be far more easy than going through CUBRID's source and finding/searching for such optimisations/algorithms that are implemented in CUBRID.

Yours sincerely,


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asked 4 years ago
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