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cubrid shard start: fail: failed to connect database

sh> cubrid shard start@ cubrid shard startfailed to connect database. [shard]
please check your $CUBRID/conf/shard.conf or database status.
SHARD_DB_NAME        = shard1
SHARD_DB_USER        = shard
++ cubrid shard start: fail

My shard_connection.txt :

 # cubrid

0               shard1

1               shard1

2               shard1          localhost

3               shard1          localhost

The database shard1 in localhost and the database shard1 in are OK,  I can connect to either.

The error_log/shard_1_0_1.err:

[tobi@NC-PL-DEV001 conf]$ tail ../log/broker/error_log/shard_1_1_1.err 

Server bit platform (64) is different from client bit platform (32).

Time: 05/15/06 04:28:50.048 - ERROR *** file ../../src/transaction/boot_cl.c, line 1453 ERROR CODE = -677 Tran = -1, EID = 206

Failed to connect to database server, 'shard1', on the following host(s):

Time: 05/15/06 04:28:50.048 - ERROR *** file ../../src/transaction/boot_cl.c, line 1468 ERROR CODE = -677 Tran = -1, EID = 207

Failed to connect to database server, 'shard1', on the following host(s):

*** The previous error message is the last one. ***

Can you help me? thanks.

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asked 5 years ago
Hi lzfcome! Have you followed these instructions If you still have the problem, please let me know. I will be glad to help you. - [Level:8]CUBRID 5 years ago
Thank you, you are very nice. - [Level:1]lzfcome 5 years ago
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To run CUBRID SHARD, the server architecture on all machines should be the same, i.e. if your CUBRID where SHARD Broker is installed on your localhost is 32-bit, then your remote servers where your shards reside should also be 32-bit. In your case, your Broker seems to be 32-bit, while shards are located in 64-bit CUBRID. Please install the same architecture, and it should work.

Also, please see the instructions we have provided in this forum thread.

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answered 5 years ago

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