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Error -493 when saving

We are using Samsung HOTELTV and when we save a change to a page, we're getting the following error - anyone any suggestions?

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: -493
Syntax: syntax error, unexpected ',' 
INSERT INTO sds_framecontents (men_idx, men_key, lay_idx, fra_idx, men_lang, regdate, editdate) 
VALUES (, 104, 1, , 'ENG', 1347031405, 1347031405)
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asked 5 years ago
37 Answers

Hello Neil,

The VALUES section is missing men_idx and fra_idx values and this leads to an error in syntax parsing. If they are integers, then they should have a default value (such as 0). If they are strings, then you should put an empty string ''.

Example: VALUES ('', 104, 1, '', 'ENG', 1347031405, 1347031405)

Can you please give use more details regarding the steps you made before encountering the error ?

Best regards,

The CUBRID Team.

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answered 5 years ago

You are either using a very old browser or a browser that is not supported.
In order to browse you need to have one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer: Mozilla Firefox: Google Chrome: