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How can you safely delete log files ?


I have the following problem. For some reason, several hundred files with the name xe_lgar001,xe_lgar002,...,xlgar411 files have appeared in the folder for my database named "xe". I have read that they are log files used for backup, but they keep appearing (about 1-2 per day) and each of them is about 40 MB. Also, none of them have disappeared and I even have files since December 16 last year. Is there a way to enable their automatic cleanup ?

Is there any way to safely delete the log files and limit their creation?


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asked 5 years ago
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The _lgar files are transaction log archive files. As explained in the Managing Archive Logs section of the CUBRID Manual, you should never delete those files manually (using file system commands), there is no way of knowing which of them are in use.

You can configure how much archives the CUBRID server keeps by configuring the Logging Related Parameters. The ones you are interested in are log_max_archives and force_remove_log_archivesTake care when configuring these parameters because setting them wrong might have an impact on CUBRID performance.

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answered 5 years ago

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