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Guide: How to edit a Wiki page?

More and more developers join our community site and want to contribute to our Wiki. Please make sure you know the followings before you edit any Wiki page.

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asked 5 years ago
1 Answer

1. Just like with creating a Wiki page, you need to be logged in. There is a login form on the top of any Wiki page.


2. Once you login, you will see "ACTIONS ON THIS PAGE" section on the right side of the page. Press on "Edit" button.


If you cannot see the "ACTIONS ON THIS PAGE" section, it means you do not have access to create/edit the pages of the current Wiki. You can request a write-permission by sending an email to explaining your intentions. We are open for contributions.

3. When editing the page, make sure you follow the steps explained in How to create a Wiki page guide.

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answered 5 years ago
asked 5 years ago
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