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ADO.NET return error "Don't know how to write the parameter!"

Hi, I am trying to insert a image into the database, my database is type BLOB and in C# is type byte[].

When I try to do the insert the error is: Don't know how to write the parameter!

Whats is wrong? how can I get a more technical description error from database.

Why has error with BLOB type?

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asked 5 years ago
4 Answers

Here is a quick example of how to insert BLOB data:

byte[] bytes = new byte[...];

Blob.setBytes(1, bytes);

CUBRIDParameter param = new CUBRIDParameter();
param.ParameterName = "?p";
param.Value = Blob;
cmd.Parameters[0].DbType = DbType.Binary;

And you can find more examples of dealing with BLOB data types in the driver test cases suite - see the source code of the driver.

If you still have issues, then please share a little bit more:
- what is your code
- what exactly is not working as expected in your setup?
- what are you trying to achieve

Obviously, the most important help would be to share your code, if possible.

Thank you!
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answered 5 years ago

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