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How can I translate ADO.NET Driver's localization messages?

I can see that the new CUBRID ADO.NET driver provides built-in support for localization. I would wish to translate the messages to Russian. Which files should I translate?

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asked 5 years ago
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The file that contains the English messages to be translated is the .resx resources file located in the SVN repository, at this address:

In order to get the messages translated to another language, please create a new file, named:, (which will contain the Russian translations), as a copy of the Resource.resx file mentioned above.

Next, one simple way to edit the ru.resx file is to open the project file in Visual Studio and edit it (perform the translation) from there.

However, we recommend you to use the following tool:

The tool makes very easy to perform translations without needing Visual Studio etc. And the online documentation is very clear and simple.

After the translation is done, please contact the CUBRID Driver team, to integrate the changes and perform a localization test.

We will then publish in the driver wiki page - - a tutorial on how to switch the localization language.

Thank you!

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answered 5 years ago

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