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Do CUBRID PHP and PDO APIs require any dependent library?

I can see CUBRID PHP and PDO drivers are available through PECL packaging system. Can I directly install them? Or are they dependent on any external library, perhaps CUBRID's?

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asked 5 years ago
34 Answers

When installing CUBRID PHP/PDO Driver through PECL, the installation requires CUBRID CCI library.

The CCI library is installed automatically into $CUBRID/lib directory and its header file into $CUBRID/include when you install CUBRID.

If you have set the environment variable $CUBRID, when installing CUBRID PHP or PDO using PECL, PECL will automatically validate the CCI library and its header file. If not, you must input the installation path of CUBRID manually when PECL is configuring the project.

If you install the CUBRID PHP or PDO on Linux, be sure that path "$CUBRID/lib" is added into environment variable $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. (It contains a colon-separated list of directories that the dynamic linker should search for shared objects when building a process image after exec, before searching in any other directories.)

Additionally, PHP interpreter itself should be installed on you system before you install PHP or PDO too.

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answered 5 years ago

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