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What would I have to do to make Drupal run on CUBRID?

Since CUBRID is 90% compatible with MySQL's SQL syntax, one should theoretically be able to run Drupal on CUBRID. Can someone give me an overview of roughly what I should look out for in trying to make this possible?
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asked 6 years ago
5 Answers

Drupal as well as most other CMS solutions come with Database Abstraction Layer. Following this link you can notice there are several functions which are required to be implemented for particular database system.The DAL files for each database system (currently MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite) are located under /includes/database/ directory.

Since CUBRID support about 90% of MySQL SQL syntax, what one could do is copy /mysql files and apply the necessary changes to have CUBRID support. Recently we've developed the CUBRID DAL for CodeIgniter PHP Framework. You can read that blog and see what changes are required to be made.

It shouldn't take long time to complete porting. That CodeIgniter porting took couple days only. You won't need to touch most of MySQL code as they will be very much the same for CUBRID. However, if you have any questions in the middle of porting, feel free to ask here. We will be glad to help you.

And if you finally have a working ported version of Drupal, we will add it to the list of ported Web apps in CUBRID Projects.

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answered 6 years ago

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