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How to bind_address in CUBRID?

MySQL has this bind_address parameter that users can configure to allow only the indicated IP to access the server. Is there any way to bind IP address in CUBRID? Otherwise, how to configure it so that only specific IP address could access the server?

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asked 6 years ago
7 Answers

In order to restrict the database access by IP, cubrid.conf main configuration file must be modified.

The details of how to set the allowed IP address or "bind_address" for each database are described in the manual here: Server Access Limitation

Briefly, you must add these lines to cubrid.conf:

# cubrid.conf



and the db.access file should look like:








If you have already done this and want to change the db.access file, just run the following command after you modify the file:

cubrid server acl reload <database_name>
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answered 6 years ago

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