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Issues marked as fixed but no related changes in code

Started by: [Level:2] stefans

1 89 Aug 19, 2013
by stefans

Setting the DBI "TraceLevel" attribute does not work

Started by: [Level:2] stefans

0 2 Jul 10, 2013
by Esen Sagynov

The execute statement throws a warning if a parameter is undef

Started by: [Level:2] stefans

0 92 Jan 02, 2014
by ugg boots sale

The connected Callback in not invoked

Started by: [Level:2] stefans

0 87 Jan 02, 2014
by ugg boots outlet

HandleError subroutine is NOT called on ERROR

Started by: [Level:2] stefans

2 10 Jan 13, 2014
by ugg boots outlet

ERROR when using CUBRID SHARD with MySQL as backend database

Started by: [Level:3] Esen Sagynov

3 83 Jan 02, 2014
by belstaff sale

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