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Post subject: Italian Language Message Files

registered: 05/31/2011

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Below you can find the file attached which contains the .cat files (compiled msg files) for Italian language support in CUBRID.

Contributor, quartex, has translated it and I compiled for so other users' convenience.

These .msg files are based on CUBRID 3.0 and we will add them in the next version, CUBRID 3.2.

If you want to use it now, follow these steps.

1. Download file
2. Extract zip file to <CUBRID installed path>/msg/en_US directory and override *.cat files
3. Check if CUBRID_LANG environment variable is set to "en_US". (if not, change it to "en_US")
4. Restart CUBRID service (type 'cubrid service restart' in the terminal).



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