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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the latest CUBRID version?

You can find the latest CUBRID version (including major and minor patches) at

What operating systems does CUBRID support?

In addition to currently supporting Linux and Microsoft Windows, CUBRID will soon support UNIX OSes such as Oracle's Solaris, HP's HP-UX and IBM's AIX.

Can I use CUBRID on a 64-bit OS?

Yes, 64-bit binaries are also provided (starting with CUBRID 2008 R2.0). On a 64-bit OS that supports 32-bit software you can also use the 32-bit CUBRID binaries. See

What APIs and programming languages does CUBRID support for application development?

CUBRID supports the major standard APIs: ODBC, OLEDB, JDBC, PHP, Ruby, and Python. It also supports Embedded SQL as well as a native C API and Java Stored Procedures.

Is CUBRID derived from MySQL?

No. CUBRID is a totally independent database system which has been written from the scratch. It is not derived from MySQL or any other open source systems, and CUBRID has its own powerful database storage engine. CUBRID has over 15 years of development history.
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What is the difference between CUBRID and MySQL?

CUBRID is a fully-featured Database Management System just like MySQL, but faster, especially in those cases when a web application generates huge concurrent requests. The reason for higher performance is that CUBRID has introduced very unique optimized features which, in fact, do not exist in other open source database systems. For more detailed explanation of these features, read our blog at

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Does CUBRID have an Enterprise License?

CUBRID, unlike other database systems, does not have an Enterprise version of its DBMS. We do not distinguish our license policy between Community and Enterprise. There is only one version of CUBRID DBMS, which is under GPL (General Public License) version 2 or higher. Consequently, CUBRID is totally free software available for download at

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Where can I find additional information on CUBRID?

If you have not found the answers to your questions, please contact us by email, at Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We will be happy to help you!

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