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Ask questions and help
other members find answers.

Greatings to everyone!

We are very glad to announce one more very interesting event called CUBRID Q&A which will help you and other members of our community find answers to your questions.

Here is the idea. We have just created a new Q&A site for CUBRID project, and we want all our community members to participate in this event and contribute to the project by helping us populate the site with relevant questions and precise answers for them.

Thus we want to increase the number of good quality contents on our site so that new CUBRID users could quickly and easily find right solutions for their needs.

Another reason we are launching the Q&A site is that we have noticed there are some questions which are often asked by most new users. So why should we not create a site where these questions could be gathered in one place and searched easily.

Tell me what should I do

Join our community

If you have not opened an acount on our site during previous events, it is high time. Join now!

If you remember having created an account but do not remember the credentials, request your account information.

Ask questions

Ask Question Asking questions is very easy. On the top right corner of the Q&A site you will see this button.
A new question form will be opened where you will need to fill out three fields:

  1. Title: What's your question? Please be as specific as possible. Include keywords if necessary. This will help other members find your question easily and, hopefully, the answer for it.
  2. Description: Describe your question in detail. You can insert code snippets. They will be highlighted once your publish your question.
  3. Category: Choose the category of your question among SQL, Drivers, Tools, Other.
  4. Tags: You can tag your question with related tags. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question. At least 1 tag should be entered, max. 5. To see the full list of tags see Tags.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Your questions should be of Howto type and be related to CUBRID and database management. It can be related to...

  • ... various tools you use with CUBRID.
  • ... writing SQL query, its optimizations, etc.
  • ... usage of CUBRID's unique features.
  • ... implementation of specific features in CUBRID.

Most importantly your question should be specific, practical, and answerable.

What kind of questions should I not ask?

Please do not ask open-ended or arguable questions. They will not be of much usefulness for other members of the community.

Additionally, please do NOT report bugs in the Q&A site. We have JIRA Issue Tracker for this. It is very poweful, so please report your issues there.

Remember that the Q&A site is only for Howto questions.

Answer questions

Answering questions and helping other members solve their problems is the most noble action. There are a few places to start from.

By default the front page will display the Newest questions. You can narrow them down to see only Unanswered questions.

View questions

Alternatively, if you are interested in specific topics, you can choose a category to answer questions from.

Question categories

Once you see the question you feel you have an answer for, open it. Then go through already posted answers, if any, and make sure your answer is different enough to post it as a separate answer. If your answer is unique, press the Post Your Answer button located below all the answers.

Comment, provide Hints

If you do not have a unique answer but have some hint to the question author or some remarks regarding one of the answers, you can always comment on both questions and answers.

If there are some comments, you can see them below the question or answer. Click on the comments (1) link to hide or reload the comments. To leave a comment, write below the rest comments and press Enter.

A sample question


Vote and ShareIf you like the question someone has asked or if you have/had the same question, vote UP for it. Thus you will signal to us that this question requires attention and it has to be resolved as quickly as possible. The more votes, the quicker you receive answers.

If you have changed your mind and would like to take back your vote, click on the DOWN vote. This will deduct a vote from the question.

Likewise, you can vote UP or DOWN answers. If the provided answer solves your problem, let other users know that this particular answer was useful for you. If necessary, provide extra information in the comments.

In case you decided to vote DOWN an answer, you MUST leave your comment why you did so, reasoning your decision with a specific fact.

Accept Answers

Click to Accept the answer Once you have voted UP for the answer which has provided the best solution for your question, you can accept it if you are the author of this question. Right under the voting box each answer has the Accept button in the form of a check icon which becomes opaque once your hover over it.

Be very prudent when accepting answers. If the answer really helped you, accept it or wait for a better answer. Once you accept the answer, you cannot change your decision.


By contributing to CUBRID project you will not only help yourself and other members of the community, but you will also receive valuable prizes based on your reputation.

  • When you create an account, you will start with reputation = 1.
  • When someone votes UP for your question, you will receive +5 points.
    To vote UP, one should have earned at least 15 points.
  • When someone votes DOWN for your question, you will receive -2 points.
    But you should not worry much, since only reputable users with at least 125 reputation can vote down. In that case they will provide their reasons. In addition, we will constantly moderate the site.
  • When someone votes UP for your answer, you will receive +10 points.
  • When someone votes DOWN for your answer, you will receive -2 points.
    In this case the down voter will also receive -2 points.
  • If your answer is accepted, you will receive +15 points.
    Once accepted, the question author will receive +2 points.


As you are one of the first who have joined and helped us populate CUBRID Q&A site with relevant questions and useful answers, we are more glad to reward your contribution with a valuable prize.

eBooks are getting more and more popular. They are easy to carry, enjoyable to read, and provide exhaustive content. So we have prepared 3 Amazon Kindle eBook Readers worth 100+ USD for top contributors. To be eligible for the prize you need to earn at least 100 points. If no users have 100 reputation by the end of this month, we will extend the event for another month.

Additionally, since the Reputation System works throughout the entire site, your points will continue to accumulate even after the event is over. This means that next time when we launch the CUBRID event, you will start from what you have already earned.

So join CUBRID Q&A event between November 2nd and December 2nd, 2011, and become a distinguished member of CUBRID community.

Have questions about this event?

If you have questions about this event, please do not use Q&A site. Discussions about the event are moderated at the dedicated Q&A event forum.


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