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Smash the Bugs in CUBRID Web Manager

Win a MacBook Air or one of many other prizes

On behalf of CUBRID open source database project we are proud to announce the fifth community competition with prizes worth the challenge. The competition will last for one month and will start on the 1st of August 2012.

The challenge is to find the little crawling bugs in our new CUBRID Web Manager (CWM) tool, a Web-based database administration tool, and to gather the most critters possible in order to make CUBRID Web Manager (beta) a stable application that everybody will enjoy using.

How to Win the Big Prize

Do not threat, you will not need to blow your mind for this one. Simply install the CUBRID Web Manager on your system and use it as much as possible. Look for any remaining bugs and submit them to the CUBRID team. The new bug will be then assigned and analyzed by a developer in our team. If the bug is confirmed to be an actual problem, then you will receive points depending on the severity of the bug.

At the end of the event the final ranking will be posted on the CUBRID Blog.

Wondering what are the prizes at stake for smashing bugs? Look no further!

  • 1st place: 13'' MacBook Air with 128G SSD
  • 2nd to 4th place: 3 Amazon Kindle Fire tablets
  • 5th place: $50 worth Amazon or iTunes Gift Card (you can use to upgrade your Mac OS X to the latest Mountain Lion or purchase other apps from the App Store).

But this is not all. Our social community is also important to us! So start tweeting and retweeting to your hearts desire, write about our event on your blog, briefly help us spread the word about this event, and you may also win. We track every tweet, so we'll not miss yours.

  • Top 3 retweeters or bloggers will win $50 worth Amazon or iTunes Gift Card.

Start Your Hunt NOW!

Begin smashing bugs right now. Check out the CUBRID Web Manager Installation Instructions.

How to Report Bugs

Now, let's get to the business. What should you do when you find a crawling bug? The first step is to create an account on the CUBRID JIRA Issue Tracker at from the signup screen. If you have an account from previous events, no need to register again. Don't worry though as the registration is very simple and does not require email confirmation.

Once you are logged in, you will see your Dashboard. Click on “+Create Issue” link on the top right corner of the page. In the screenshot below you will see all the fields that must be filled out (you can choose to not display the other fields such as Assignee, Due Date, Fix Version by clicking on the Configure Fields and choose a Custom View that displays only the fields you require).


Choose the Project CUBRID Tools and Issue Type Bug. You can also submit Improvements as well as New Feature requests, but if this is the case, make sure that you have a good argument for why that feature is missing. The following fields are also required:

  • Summary (the title must start with [BUG BASH] and try to set the title for the bug as descriptive as possible)
  • Priority (this is an indicator of the severity of the issue and it can vary from trivial to blocker, so please choose what you consider to be the most accurate level)
  • Component (select CUBRID Web Manager from the dropdown list)
  • Environment (the version and the language of the application, OS, PHP or browser version if applicable).
  • Description (please describe the bug you found and the steps we need to perform to reproduce it).
  • Attachment (please attach screenshots of the bug occurrence if possible)
  • Labels (Important! Enter bug-bash as a label as this will allow us to easily find all bugs reported by participants during this event).

CUBRID Web Manager Bugs

Before you report a bug, please make sure it has not been reported already. We have already run an internal Bug Bash event and reported many bugs. If you are unsure, please go ahead and post it anyway. In the worst case scenario your bug will be marked as a duplicate and you won't receive points for it. There is no penalization system.

We have created a filter to see all the reported bugs, including those reported previous during the internal bug bash: CUBRID Web Manager Bugs. At this link you will see all the issues reported for CWM. If you want to search, click on the Edit tab in left side menu and enter your Query string to see bugs similar to what you have discovered.

After the first bugs will be posted, we will keep updating the ranking table once a day. Also, if you want to see all the bugs found in this public CWM Bug Bash, we have created a separate filter: CUBRID Web Manager Bug Bash.

Getting Help

Any questions or problems can be answered or solved by simply asking a question on our CUBRID Q&A or by post the problem on the CUBRID Forum.

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