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In general, CUBRID is a comprehensive open source relational database management system highly optimized for Web Applications, especially when complex web services process large amount of data and generate huge concurrent requests.

More specifically, CUBRID is implemented in C programming language. It is scalable and is a high performance database system almost fully compatible with MySQL. CUBRID is a system with a unique architecture and rich functionality. Its High-Availability feature, sync/async/semi-sync replication, online and incremental backup, and many other enterprise level features make CUBRID a reliable solution ideal for Web services. By providing unique optimized features, CUBRID enables to process much more parallel requests at much less response time. 

Methods & Tools online magazine has recently published a great story-like introductory article about CUBRID. We recommend you to read it. The article explains shortly about the feature available in CUBRID, about how to quickly get started, and in conclusion provides some useful and important recommendations. Enjoy reading!


CUBRID has been developed since 2006, and today it is becoming very popular because of its clean and highly optimized for Web Applications Software Architecture, as well as rich database functionality. Its code base has undergone complete optimization and intensive quality assurance. CUBRID is being used by many SME companies and large organizations, the latter having a farm of over 10,000 data servers. (See Who else uses CUBRID?)

CUBRID, unlike other database systems, does not have an Enterprise version of its DBMS. It does not distinguish its license policy between Community and Enterprise. There is only one version of CUBRID DBMS, which follows General Public License version 2 or higher. This CUBRID Open Source License Policy is extremely beneficial for companies dealing with client applications development. They do not have to purchase any Enterprise License or share their income. This provides the organizations the significant cost savings opportunity over the alternative database management solutions. (See complete article on CUBRID Open Source License Policy.)

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a CUBRID based database solution is significantly lower than the alternatives due to hardware costs savings. CUBRID's high performance, its optimizations and perfect scaling mean that organizations can deploy cheaper hardware and still provide 24/7 up-time service for the same number of concurrent users.

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Who else uses CUBRID

Online social games, famous Web-based word processor, and numerous corporate sites rely on the CUBRID Database. It powers some of the most popular Web applications of NHN, Korea's No.1 Search Portal with 34 million subscribers and 17 million daily unique visitors.

In addition, large Hosting companies Cafe24 and Mireene, Software Security company ESTsoft, and many Korean local colleges manage their data with CUBRID.

Two third of all CUBRID references come from the Government sector. Korea National Tax Service, Korea Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Korea Ministry of National Defense, Busan Transportation Corporation, and Korea White House are among the major customers who deployed CUBRID as their database management software. Just imagine how much sensitive data do they all have, how much security do they all require, and they all rely on CUBRID. CUBRID helps many organizations gain greater results and achieve faster performance at a lower cost of ownership.

NHN Corporation Cafe24 MireeneESTsoft Korea National Tax Service Korea Ministry of Public Administration and Security Korea Ministry of National DefenseBusan Transportation Corporation Korea White House

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More Information about CUBRID

You can find more information about CUBRID in other languages, too.

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CUBRID is truly open source and free. Feel free to download it.
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