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Recorder-Recording Guide For Non Window user

nGrinder Recorder only provides its full functionality in Windows due to serious missing features of the internal components. So Linux and Mac users may not enjoy full nGrinder functionality and need some additional configurations to make nGrinder Recorder do its job.

In Mac and Linux, the embedded browsers(JxBrowser) are also initialized. However we found there are some frequent crash during navagation and HTTPS messages are not recorded because there are no way to work around the private certificate issue. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use the separated browsers(Firefox or Safari) connecting to the proxy instead of using the embedded browser. Following shows how to do it.


As you can see below, the proxy is initiated using 10288 port.


If you like to record HTTP/HTTPS with Firefox, Open Firefox and go to Preferences and Select Advanced ==> Settings in the popup window.

image  image

Set up the both HTTP and HTTPS proxies for both to the given port.


Then, navigate the web using the separate browser. Don’t forget that you should click Start Record button before navigation.


Then click "Stop Recording" in nGrinder Recorder. Then you can see the recorded script.


Please don’t forget to disable proxy settings when stopping recording. Otherwise you can not browse the Internet afterwards.

When you navigate HTTPS sites, you may see the following alert page. It’s because HTTPS messages are encrypted by the self-signed certificate which nGrinder issued. To ignore this, you should click “I Understand the Risks” and add the exception.


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