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[CUBRID][ODBC CUBRID Driver][-1006]Server handle not found

I am developing my application with CUBRID ODBC.

When querying with SELECT, fetching the result works fine. When the last data doesn't exist, it should return False so to end up While loop, however it returns the following error after reader.Read()


ERROR [HY000] [CUBRID][ODBC CUBRID Driver][-1006]Server handle not found

ERROR [01000] [CUBRID][ODBC CUBRID Driver][0]Fetch error


As I said, obtaining results is fine but that error seems a little uncomportable.



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asked 4 years ago
1 Answer

Many users are having the same problme, sorry about this.

It happened when no more result can be fetched by rs.Read(), MoveLast(), MoveNext() and so on.

The error occurs due to AUTO COMMIT behavior of CUBRID ODBC. CUBRID has a broker parameter which handles AUTOCOMMIT for CCI based drivers such as ODBC, OLEDB, PHP, Python and so on. Its name is CCI_DEFAULT_AUTOCOMMIT. Since 8.4.0 version, default value of the parameter has been changed to CCI_DEFAULT_AUTOCOMMIT=ON and it makes a conflict with ODBC's own behavior to handle AUTOCOMMIT.

To avoid this problem,
please change parameter value as CCI_DEFAULT_AUTOCOMMIT=OFF in $CUBRID/conf/cubrid_broker.conf
This week 2013-03, we are going to upload a new ODBC installer that this problem has been already fixed.



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answered 4 years ago

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