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Error: 13 An I/O error occurred while reading page 16384 of volume ..Invalid argument

I am using CUBRID 2008 R2.2 version on Windows 2003 for years and recently the following error occurs :

02/12/13 11:44:44.965 ERROR -13 1 37 An I/O error occurred while reading page 16384 of volume "C:\CUBRID\databases\SPOMS\SPOMS_data_x001".... Invalid argument


I have seen many times these days. What happened in our CUBRID server and how can I solve the problem?



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Error Code 13 means that I/O error occurred if failed to read a certain page in your DB volumes. You have to check which query was executed at that moment and if query result is correct first.

Mostly it happended because your volume has been damaged for somehow,
and we recommend you to re-build your DB by export/import data and schema with CUBRID UNLOADDB and LOADDB utilities.

Here is a link you can get helped :


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