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Help nGrinder

We do our best to make nGrinder more stable and flexible. However sometimes there are some points we can not touch. We need some help from nGrinder users. If you like to help us, you can contribute the followings.

  • i18n. We're supporting English, Korean, Chinese currently. If you like to provide your own language translation. Please fork our nGrinder project and do pull request with translation. Check the English message file here.
    Because we are not natvie English speaker, there are a lot of typo mistakes and not smooth expression. If you find some, please let us know.
  • OS compatibility. When we release, we test nGrinder on Windows and CentOS mostly. However there are many OS we didn't test much. For example Ubuntu, OS X, Fedora, etc... If you expect that nGrinder runs on your OS well, please participate the our BETA testing. We'll give you the BETA version to you and we'll make it works on your OS. Please contact junoyoon at
  • The Grinder plugins : The underlying engine, The Grinder supports plugins so that statistics on tests using the other protocol can be collected. If you like to have your own plugin and make it as a default nGrinder plugin as well. Please share it to us.

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