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Professional Service

nGrinder is the open source project which is free to use now and forever. We're developing nGrinder to make the web more stable and reliable. However there might be some organizations who want to deploy nGrinder as their base development infrastructure. For these guys, we can provide some professional services to facilitate the performance centric culture in your organization. This may include followings.

  • Training 
    • How to use nGrinder system 
    • How to write the scripts
  • Deployment
    • Construct the nGrinder clustering instance across multiple IDCs
    • Provide a plugin which can make the network safe from heavy loads.
    • Provide a SSO plugin for your organization
  • Tools
    • You can still use open source TCPProxy to record scripts. However we can provide the better script recorder. We could not expose this product to public because it has some license problem. You should contact us if you want to get it.
  • Monitoring
    • Monitor test execution patterns and help developers to write correct scripts. 
      (We really have a good results from this support in our env. Everyone started to write valid tests just after 2~3 failures)

Price? We don't have a such a thing yet. It just depends on how big your requests are. If you're a big committer for nGrinder, we're willing to do without charge.
If not, we might charge you according to the amount of the time we put on to solve your requests. Please contact to ngrinder.nhn at if you're interested in.

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