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Road Map

Followings are a roadmap description we should follow.

  • 3.0 Beta(30. Sep. 2012)
    • Completely rewrite the code
    • Support multiple concurrent tests
    • Support subversion for scripts management
  • 3.0(Oct. 2012) 
    • First stable version.
    • Enhance the usability
  • 3.1(Nov. 2012) - v3.1 development features
    • Enhance the usability
    • Support agent region to limit network access within IDC.
    • Support controller clustering
    • Support user resource sharing.
  • 3.2(Dec. 2012)
    • Support Java / JavaScript as a script language
    • Support Recorded Script via JxBrowser
  • 4.0(May. 2013)
    • Support site monitoring feature 

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