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Installing CUBRID PHP Driver using yum (Fedora, CentOS)

To install CUBRID PHP Driver using yum command, we need to tell Yum where to look for CUBRID packages. First, visit one of the following links depending on your OS.

There choose CUBRID version. You will be given a list of links for your particular version. 

CUBRID 8.4.3

Since CUBRID 8.4.3 there are only 2 repositories and you must choose according to your OS and version:

  • For Fedora 15 and above:
    sudo rpm -ivh
  • For Fedora 13/14 and Centos 6.0 and above:
    sudo rpm -ivh

CUBRID 8.4.1 and below

For example, the following link is provided for Fedora 17 where fc17 means this OS version. Other versions will have fc16, fc15, etc.

sudo rpm -ivh

Or CentOS example where el6.2 means CentOS version 6.2:

sudo rpm -ivh

Executing this command will tell Yum where to look for CUBRID packages.

For older versions of CUBRID replace 8.4.1 with 8.4.0. To find your precise link please visit:

Installing CUBRID PHP Driver

After you have installed the cubrid repository, in order to install CUBRID PHP Driver, type the following command.

yum install php-cubrid

Finally, restart your Web server.

service httpd restart
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