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nGrinder 3.2.2 Release Note

nGrinder 3.2.2 is the bug fix and minor enhancement release. This version resolves very serious SVN security issue. 

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1. Release Info

  • Version : 3.2.2
  • Release Date : 2013.08.29

2. Changes


  • Since 3.2, the SVN has not been protected by ID/PW scheme by mistake. It's a very serious security problem. Therefore 3.2.2 adds the HTTP Basic Auth protection for SVN access.
  • Now users can use sub folders under the lib and resource folder. They will be transferred to the agents as well.
  • The admin and normal users can configure the additional JAVA command line options for the agent process by providing agent.javaopt in the agent.conf and grinder.jvm.arguments in file at the same folder where the script exists respectively. This is for the extreme use of ngrinder.
  • And several UI improvements are included.


  • NGRINDER-633 - Make agent to connect the real ip first if no agent.controller.ip is provided
  • NGRINDER-634 - Test description including ' breaks the test list layout
  • NGRINDER-640 - &para turns into different symbol in the code editor
  • NGRINDER-641 - Fix the popover width overflow when the script path is long
  • NGRINDER-643 - Use ${NGRINDER_HOME}/subversion folder for subversion auth store
  • NGRINDER-644 - SVN access doesn't block the illegal access
  • NGRINDER-646 - Admin should see the test owner not test modifier
  • NGRINDER-648 - User password is changed whenever the user is loggined with login plugin


  • NGRINDER-631 - Make monitor be able to select listening IP
  • NGRINDER-632 - Make perftest distribute sub folders in the resource / lib folder
  • NGRINDER-635 - Show the error rate rather than error count
  • NGRINDER-636 - Add running test view filter in the test list
  • NGRINDER-638 - Add the new announcement lable to show announcement change explicitly
  • NGRINDER-639 - Provide the flexible way to customize the java opt when invoking agent process
  • NGRINDER-642 - Check the java version during agent starting
  • NGRINDER-645 - Add ${NGRINDER_HOME}/logback.xml recognized by ngrinder to customize logger
  • NGRINDER-647 - Make ngrinder.controller.ip as well as ngrinder.controller.ipaddress recognizable.
  • NGRINDER-649 - Groovy Maven Project should support src/main/groovy directory
  • NGRINDER-651 - Add the test execution hook in javascript to validate the configuration by admin.
  • NGRINDER-652 - Add the way for javascript to determine the current language

3. OS, DBMS supports

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OSX is supported.
  • Supports CUBRID, H2 as DB. The default DBMS is H2.

4. Requirements

  • Be required over Oracle JDK 1.6 version.
  • Tomcat 6.X later


6. References

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