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How to use CUBRID zip package.

I want use CUBRID zip package without setup package.

How to use CUBRID after just extract zip package.

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asked 4 years ago
11 Answers

You might find more information about how to use the zip package here:

If you need further instructions, please let us know the operating system you are using and what issues you are encountering.

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answered 4 years ago

I will assume that you are talking about the zip archived packages of CUBRID Windows binaries. These zip packages are convenient in the way that they do not require to install CUBRID because they come with already compiled binaries. All you have to do is to add the location of the extracted package to the $PATH environment.


  1. You have extracted the zip package to C:\CUBRID directory.
  2. It should have C:\CUBRID\bin directory. Add it to your $PATH.
  3. Now you can run any CUBRID command. For example
    cubrid service start
    cubrid server start demodb
    cubrid createdb my_first_db
    cubrid service stop
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answered 4 years ago

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