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ERROR: Attempted to update the database when updates are disabled

Hello, I am using CUBRID HA for the first time.

After configuring CUBRID HA and executing CSQL utility for replication test, I encountered the error message saying:

prompt> csql -u dba testdb@localhost -c "create table abc(a int, b int, c int, primary key(a));"

In the command from line 1,

ERROR: Attempted to update the database when updates are disabled. 

How can I do ? I'd like to know why the messages returned.


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asked 4 years ago
78 Answers

1) please check if you attempted to run csql in the slavenode or not. DDL command should be run in the masternode.

2) When configuring CUBRID HA, both master and slave DBs should be running, however if you run only one of them, the error message can be displayed.

3) Although you run both master and slave databases, and your CSQL command has been run at master node correctly, you can encounter the error message if its HA state is not completely changed. It means that your master node should be "active" state, not "to-be-active". You can see its current state by "cubrid changemode testdb@localhost ".

After configuring  CUBRID HA settings, and running both databases in master and slave nodes, one of them will become a master node and its state becomes changed to "active" from the initial state "idle". If changing HA mode failed, you need to run changemode utility manually.


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answered 4 years ago

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