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CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 9.1.0 Release Note

Release Notes


January 2013 - Update for release 9.1.0


CUBRID ADO.NET Data Provider


CUBRID engine compatible: 9.1.0

Online Wiki:

JIRA issues:




Fixed bugs


- APIS-228 : Function: CUBRIDParameter.Write had a bug.

- APIS-227 : Create a unit test project (MSTest)

- APIS-211 : CUBRIDParameter function name is wrong.

- APIS-212 : Function: CUBRIDConnection EncodingFromString, encoding name is wrong.

- APIS-210 : CUBRIDConnection GetAutoCommit does not need to interact with the DB server.

- APIS-213 : CUBRIDConnection Open () function does not determine the database name is not an empty string.

- APIS-214 : Add resource: the db name is empty.

- APIS-215 : CUBRIDConnectionStringBuilder default port is 30000.

- APIS-209 : CUBRIDCommand Clone() does not determine whether the class member variable(parameters) is a null pointer.

- APIS-219 : Function: CUBRIDDataReader.GetColumnTypeName(int) missing CUBRIDDateType

- APIS-218 : Call function: CUBRIDDataReader.GetBytes, threw an exception.

- APIS-217 : Call function: CUBRIDDataReader.GetBytes, threw an exception.

- APIS-220 : Remove Constructor: public CUBRIDCommand(CUBRIDConnection conn, int handle)

- APIS-221 : Remove class BatchResult from project

- APIS-223 : CUBRIDCommand.ExecuteNonQuery function: call a stored function return value is not assigned to the return parameter.

- APIS-222 : There is an error in the CUBRIDParameterCollection.Insert function

- APIS-226 : CUBRIDCommandBuilder.SetRowUpdatingHandler has been assigned a null pointer

- APIS-229 : CUBRIDParameter: Add a new member variable to record the data type of collection.

- APIS-230 : Function: CUBRIDConnection.CurrentDatabase() has bugs.

- APIS-238 : Function: CUBRIDOutputStream.WriteTimestamp has a bug

- APIS-239 : Function: CUBRIDOutputStream.WriteTimeStampArg has a bug

- APIS-236 : Function: CUBRIDSteam.WriteCollection has bugs.

- APIS-235 : CUBRIDParameter: Write data to server not support multidimensional arrays.

- APIS-264 : Optimized code according klocwork result.

- APIS-365 : Using CUBRID.Data.CUBRIDClient.CUBRIDDataAdapter class's function fill() to read data from database will get an 



- APIS-375 : Modify driver version.

- APIS-396 : The CAS_FC_EXECUTE command send data has changed.

- APIS-416 : The CUBRID 9.x supports ENUM types.



- The library release (CUBRID.Data.dll)

- The driver Installer

- The Release notes

- The CHM driver documentation

- Scenarios test cases (140+)



Known Issues


Now, ADO.NET beta driver did not support CUBRID 9.1.0 version completely. Please refer the following.


- APIS-366 : When using bind parameters to insert data, if parameter type is SET and the actual data type is STRING, driver 


will threw an exception. 

  When using bind parameters to insert data, if parameter type is CCI_U_TYPE_SET/CCI_U_TYPE_MULTISET/CCI_U_TYPE_SEQUENCE


  After data sort, the first data length must be greater than or equal to other data. otherwise,

  the driver will threw an exception.

  For more information, please refer to the url:



Please let us know your feedback.


Thank you!

The CUBRID Interface team

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